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Forget Wally.........Where are the PipSqueaks?

Julie Martin-Davy

It's that time of year again. Whenever I let the PipSqueaks into the garden, finding them is almost as difficult as reading a copy of Where's Wally! See the photo of my garden! 

They blend in so well with all the fallen leaves in the garden. I once stood for over 10 minutes shouting for them having believed that they'd gone walk-about. In fact, they were both sat only a couple of feet away quietly watching and wondering why I was shouting so much! #tortitude Blooming cats! 

I am sure anyone who owns a tortoiseshell or calico coloured cat can agree with me on this.

I think Autumn is my favourite time of year, they days are drawing in, the air is crisp and clear and I know its getting colder when I wake during the night to find I'm covered in cats!  

The pipsqueaks are due their yearly vet visit soon, sssshhhh don't tell them! But making sure they are healthy and fit is another thing I don't have to worry about over the winter months. 

I have been very fortunate with the PipSqueaks, as they are not afraid of loud noises, except the vacuum cleaner!  At time of year almost every night there are bangs and whistles from fireworks outdoors and around our neighbourhood.  I  always keep the girls indoors overnight to make sure they feel safe. I also use feliway as an extra assistant when i think it is needed to help keep them calm. 

I hope you all have a wonderful autumnal season.

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PS the PipSqueaks are not in the photo...... Made you look though! 



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