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New Cat Artwork Helping our Heroes!

Julie Martin-Davy

 A donation of £5 from each sale  of our new cat artwork goes to Help For Heroes. A charity that supports armed forces veterans, serving servicemen and women and their families. 

Phoenix House in Catterick is just one of the Help For Heroes Recovery Centres, which are based across the UK. It is a facility for injured veterans and their families, whether to offer help and support or just for a respite break. The facility is a wonderful place that is welcoming and supportive to all who visit.

In 2014 after receiving a serious back injury, my husband was medically discharged from the army. Help for Heroes stepped in and helped us to adjust to civilian life again and also offer us support in many forms. While they introduced my husband to sports recovery and giving him the mental support he needed, as his carer and immediate support I was given the chance to use the facilities, to rest and get any support I may have needed.

The centre at Phoenix House has a very well equipped Art Room where you can explore art as a means to recovery. Offering everyone a chance to express their feelings and emotions in a creative and safe environment. 

Their art room volunteers  help and encourage veterans with a variety of physical and mental disabilities in expressing themselves in a way many never thought possible. 

While staying at Phoenix House for a respite break I rekindled my passion for art and painting. Using their art room as a safe space to rest and have some positive time to myself. Since our visit I have continued to paint which helps me to cope with what life seems to throw at us.

If you have ever wandered what Help For Heroes does….. this is just one small part of what they do.

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