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Spring has Sprung!

Julie Martin-Davy artwork drawing Spring watercolours

If you hadn't noticed Spring is most definitely here. This time of year is so full of hope and new beginnings. You just need to look at the spring flowers and buds on the trees to see what I mean. The PipSqueaks really enjoy it too. They get to spend more time in the garden and sunbath!  

Mr Purrfect recently took me away for a little 'Spring Break'. While away I got the chance to dust off my artistic skills and do some drawing...... Of course there were a few cats drawn!


It was the first time we had both been way from the PipSqueaks since their adoption. I think the separation was harder on me that them. So much so that I almost didn't go.  Mr Purrfect  had however thought of everything for me and had set up our home computer so that I could Skype Video Chat the girls whenever I wanted to see them. 

This was a chat with Squeak, as you can see she was sitting on the office chair for the whole conversation. I know I am the definition of Crazy Cat Lady but I Just love my girls!

Skype video chat with my cat Squeak.

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