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Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts

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Stuck for inspiration for Valentines day?

Let us help you out.... these are

Our top 5 Valentine's Gift Suggestions for 2017

1. I Think You Are Purrfect! It says it all really doesn't it?  Designed by British Artist Rose Hill  this card is quirky, fun and just the right kind of purrfect to give to any cat lover . Click here to view.

2. You're Purrfect to me!  If you're someone special enjoys a lovely cuppa then this mug could be just the thing to show your feelings!  Click here to view.

3. The Love Cats! Also made by Penny Williams is the fabulous Brass & Bronze Brooch.  Completely unique and as each is lovingly handcrafted no two are ever the same.  Click here to view

4. Set the mood with a scented candle!  Your Fragrant Paws range for cat and dog lovers are made in the UK with Soy wax. They release a gentle fragrance that doesn't overpower. Each candle comes in a printed glass that can be re-used when finished.  Click here to view.

5. We've saved our favourite till last.  " I love you"  Methil Moggie. a handcrafted clay cat ornament made in Fife Scotland. These little characters are unique, fun and sure to delight any cat lover.  We've got a limited quantity of these so make sure to get yours quick. Click here to view.





If you're still stuck for inspiration why not check out our Valentines Day Collection.


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