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About Us

Who's behind Present Purrfections?

My name is Julie Martin-Davy and Present Purrfections is my passion! I am a 30-something #CrazyCatLady.  I love Cats, Dogs and well you could say I love most furry animals.  In fact I have two kitties call Pip and Squeak (aka the Pipsqueaks).   The PipSqueaks, pictured below,  are two mischievous rescue kitties.  I wholeheartedly believe everyone should adopt from shelters whenever possible.  I would have more if my husband would let me! Although he won't let me have any more cats, I still think he is Mr Purrfect! lol

Squeak & Julie The team behind www.presentpurrfections.co.uk   Julie & the PipSqueaks the team behind www.PresentPurrfections.co.uk

What makes www.presentpurrfections.co.uk special?

When I get a parcel in the post I love to think that I've given a gift to myself, mostly because I have!  So I make sure that each and every order is packed so that even if it isn't for you, you still feel special opening it up and discovering what's inside. I've searched UK wide for quality cat themed gifts.  You'll find gifts that are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and 'just because'.  Lots of items that are handcrafted and unique that are made in the UK, including jewellery and the famous Methil Moggies!  

I am also a big supported of Small Business, in fact in 2015 Present Purrfections was chosen to be one of the Small Business Saturday #smallbiz100. The #smallbiz100 are 100 small businesses chosen from across the UK to represent the diversity of small businesses as part of the Small Business Saturday Campaign. I try to support small business whenever I can. 

Why did you start Present Purrfections?

I don't know about you, but I found it hard to find quality cat themed gifts. Ok, so I admit they were mostly gifts for myself but when I did try to find a gift for a friend it involved trawling the internet for hours. Then I had difficulty with making a decision because without being able to feel and touch the products,  how was I to know if I was about to buy a quality gift?  So when my husband left the army in 2014 I decided to ​start Present Purrfections.  I make sure to only stock quality items that are Purrfect for gifts.

What is your favourite food?

I love Macaroni Cheese! The PipSqueaks love Felix As Good As It Looks double delicious Ocean feast flavours. They don't really like 'treats' and trust me I've bought them almost every kind of treat going but nothing takes their fancy. 

What do you do in your spare time?

I  like to read romance novels and love going out for coffee and cake with Mr Purrfect! Pip likes to play 'fetch' with her yellow ball and Squeak likes to nap and play with crumpled paper. 

I hope you enjoy browsing our lovely online shop.

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