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Where's Kitty -Dot to Dot Activity Book  colouring for cat lovers find the cat

"Where's Kitty" -Dot to Dot Activity Book

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Dot-to-dots are an age-old pastime that can provide the perfect relief for a hectic mind. All-consuming and very satisfying to complete, this new book provides you with page after page of puzzles to solve, each with over 400 dots to keep you on your toes. In every picture is a cat who has lost his way - the question is, where has he gone? Watch as the backdrop reveals itself bit by bit and sit back as Kitty explores the globe - from the leaning Tower of Pisa to the palaces of India, this little cat follows your imagination as you join the dots to help him on his way. Each puzzle is intricately plotted to keep you guessing to the end, and you'll learn more about the principles of drawing as you see how the lines add up to create depth and shade, perspective and structure.

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